Recertification 2015

Recertification 2015 is now open! All referee registrations will continue through this year.

One note I want to stress ** All Lawbooks and Badges will be mailed to you directly by US Soccer. This means you will not get a book and badge until you register on Arbiter and pass the test. I will upload registrations every two weeks through this process. It can take weeks for US Soccer to process the request. Please register early to ensure you get your book and badge before games begin.**

Step 1
You must know your grade. This year, if you need to know your current grade, you can look in Arbiter. Just log in to On the top of the page, you will find “Profile” on the far right. Click “Profile” and look to the left. Click on “Custom Fields” and scroll down until you come to a blue bar that says “ISRC – Idaho.” Under that heading you will find the Grade I had listed for you in 2014. If you have a question about your grade, you can email me at

Step 2
If you are already a referee in, just log on like you normally would. When you sign in, select Group ID 105684 ISRC – Idaho Central Hub. It is important that you select the Central Hub otherwise you won’t find registration.

Once at the Central Hub, select the Registration Process that matches your grade. Most of you will select the Grade 8, 9 Registration. It is important that you pick the right registration because each of the grades have different annual fees associated with them. You don’t want to pay too much to register.

Step 3
Complete the registration process. You will update your contact information, agree to the normal administrative things, and pay your money. When you come to the background check section, please know that Idaho Youth Soccer performs the background checks on adults only. The registration will ask you to consent to the background check OR state you are under 18 years of age. Idaho Youth Soccer will not background check anyone under the age of 18.

Step 4
Time to take your test. At the Central Hub, click Testing. You should have a test available according to your grade. You can take the test three times. Please take your time and read the questions carefully. Once you pass, you can print a copy of the certificate for your records to prove you passed the test.

Step 5
Wait for your Lawbook and Badge in the mail. Make sure you correctly update your address in Arbiter, as this will be the address US Soccer mails to. This year, US Soccer will mail you the normal envelope you get every year. This year, there will be a book and badge in that envelope. There will not be a badge pick up. It all happens in the mail.

Obviously it takes US Soccer some time to fill these orders. The system isn’t automatic either. I will upload all registrations to US Soccer every two weeks beginning January 1, 2015. The longer you wait to register, the longer it will take to get your book and badge.

If you have questions, please contact me, Robbie Burnett at and we’ll be seeing you soon

Again, on behalf of the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee, thank you for what you do. Soccer in Idaho is possible in part because of what you all do. The ISRC is committed to helping you become the best referee you can and want to be. We will be sending out monthly updates to your email addresses to keep you informed of many things. Best wishes on a safe and fit off-season.

Fees Explained

As you register, you will get a welcome message that explains fees for 2015. I want to be as clear and redundant as possible on this, so I’ll repeat the information here:
In the past the local referee associations have paid for individual licenses for referees to get on Arbiter to get games. I have added features like registration, testing, videos, etc. These add-ons have upped the cost of Arbiter to more than $11.25 per referee.

Last year the ISRC had a $10 admin fee. Obviously we weren’t going to be able to continue moving to the online registration and learning I think Idaho needs and deserves. Our state is too big to get together all that much, and electronic learning and registration makes sense to most of us. In order to keep this moving forward, the ISRC studied what other States are doing. Most states charge way more than the $10 admin fee. A few States charge over $100 in addition to the USSF fees. We decided on being on the lower end of the Region IV fees and now the ISRC Admin fee is $30 a year.

Doing this will allow us a few things. First, we can continue registering, paying fees, testing, and getting assignments on Arbiter. Second, will grow some new exciting programs. We hope to expand a mentor program state-wide. We will continue an Idaho Referee Academy each Spring at a different tournament each year. We will find ways to enhance the Referee Program to be one where you are served in the way that makes you the best referee. We will grow the Idaho Referee Family to be a group we all continue to be proud to belong to.

State Cup Technical Area

Please download the PowerPoint presentation on the State Cup Technical Area.


Entry Level Clinics become more focused

Your Instructors are focused on providing better entry-level training for new and upgrading referees. This required training is focused to prepare new refs for the actual games that they will do. On January 18, instructors from all over Idaho met to discuss and learn about new entry level clinics for grades 8 and 9. In working to instruct to the type of game new refs will work, the time requirements for each entry level clinic are shortened. Instead of 16 hours for a grade 8 clinic, new referees will participate in an intense 10 hour clinic that could be done in a single day. As seasoned referees decide to work a different level game, they will be able to take another entry level clinic of a different focus, to get training to work a different type of game (i.e. small sided youth, competitive youth, amateur adult).

The workshop was headed by Dave Palmer, the State Director of Instruction. This enhancement to the entry level program is a big deal and is part of what the ISRC is doing to move the Idaho Referee Program forward. Much appreciation to Dave for adapting the program to give new refs what they need to be most successful.

When you see Pete, congratulate him in being receiving the R4 Referee Lifetime Achievement Award. Kourtney Flaherty of Southern Idaho Soccer League explains:

This last weekend, SISL and ISSA board members headed to San Diego for the annual Region IV meetings. While there, Boise-based Pete Valle, received the Referee Life Time Achievement Award for Region IV for 2013.This honor was given after great consideration from a pool of several excellent candidates who were also nominated.

Pete has served as a Referee, Assessor and as an Idaho State Referee Assignor. He has shown a true commitment, dedication, and service to the game that we all love so much.

Congratulations Pete from the SISL League, you are a most deserving recipient of this award.

Recertification 2014 is underway

If you are an Idaho referee you will soon hear about Recertification for 2014. The instructions have been posted to the Recertification Page. All recertification for referees will be done on If you have questions, please contact me at

Lexi Farmer was selected to represent Region IV at the National President’s Cup Tournament. National President’s Cup was held in Florida July 10 through July 14.

Lexi was selected after her performances in the Region IV President’s Cup that was held in Boise, Idaho.

Join me in congratulating Lexi on her selection the next time you see her.

Region IV Tournaments

For the past week, Idaho has hosted the Region IV President’s Cup Tournament. Approximately 30 referees out of our family of 750 have participated. They do not get paid for the games and I wanted to thank everyone who has participated because of this fact. While there is no pay, there has been outstanding feedback and instruction.

I’d like to give a big shout out to Region IV Youth Soccer and Will Niccolls, Washington’s SYRA, who organized the referees and Leo Umana, of Cal-South, who assigned the tournament.  There is zero chance this tournament would have been such a success without these gentlemen running the show. More locally, Riley Jones has done an outstanding job organizing Idaho’s participation.

Games continue with the finals tomorrow (June 16) at the Simplot Sports Complex. Idaho has been well represented with centers, ARs, and fourths through the semi-finals.

I’d also like to congratulate the following for selection at the Region IV Regional tournament in Hawaii. Dave Palmer – Head of Delegation, Alex Jones, Riley Jones, Branden Varney, Lexi Farmer, and Kristi Mak. I know you will all make us proud.

Participation in these tournaments is something everyone can strive for. Neither of these tournaments give an actual pay check for games, but participants have a great learning experience, and could be selected for the National Youth tournament in July. If you’d like to be considered for participation in Region IV events, please contact the State Youth Referee Administrator at

Best wishes at Idaho Youth State Cup

To all referees working the Idaho Youth State Cup this weekend: Best wishes. Trust your training and experience. Remember safety, fairness, and fun. If you base your decisions on that, you all will do as great as I know you will. Hope to see you all soon.

Wait and See, Wait and See

Being patient when you can often pays off big time. Click on the following link, Wait and See, to view a classic example of not waiting in a recent MLS match. Really ask yourself if you would have kept the flag down. Or, if you were the referee, would you have done the same? Let’s learn from others so we don’t replicate their mistakes.

Best wishes to all working games this week. Remember to keep it Safe, Fair, and Fun for players and for you as well.

Two Idaho Refs Head to Lamar Hunt Open Cup

Please join me in congratulating the selection of Alex Jones (Pocatello) and Tyler Sturm (Boise) to the Region IV portion of the Lamar Hunt Open Cup. The Open Cup is the tournament that crowns a club national champion. Alex and Tyler have been accepted to referee the first leg of the tournament in Ontario, California. They will be officiating games between top level amateur teams vying to move on in the tournament. All of the games will be assessed by National Assessors and will provide top level feedback for Alex and Tyler.