2017 US Youth Soccer Regional Events

It is time again to select the referees who will represent Idaho at the US Youth Soccer Region IV regional events.

There are two events coming up, President’s Cup (June 12-18th) and Far West Regionals (June 18-25th). President’s Cup will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Far West Regionals will be held in Seattle, Washington.

These events are the premier US Youth Soccer events. Teams will be competing for a place in the US Youth National Championships and National President’s Cup competitions. Referees will also have an opportunity to earn a spot to referee at those national events.

Referees who are selected to represent Idaho are expected to participate in all days of the events. Use the form below to apply for selection to these events.

If you have additional questions, contact the State Youth Referee Administrator, Alex Jones at ajones@idahoyouthsoccer.org

2017 US Youth Region IV Events

Application for US Youth events
  • List Idaho Youth Soccer Association Sanctioned Tournaments and Leagues that you have officiated

ISRC Job Vacancies

The Idaho Soccer Referee Committee (ISRC) currently has two vacancies on it’s board. The positions of State Director of Assessment (SDA) and District III (Boise) Referee Administrator (DRA) need to be filled at this time. Job descriptions and the application process can be found on the following pages:

State Director of Assessment – https://idahosoccerrefs.org/sdajd/

District III (Boise) Referee Administrator – https://idahosoccerrefs.org/dra3jd/

Applications for both positions are now open.

Joe Sanchez has resigned his position as the State Director of Assessment (SDA) on the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee (ISRC) in order to pursue other interests. Until a new Idaho SDA is selected, any further matters concerning USSF assessments should be directed to Pete Valle at pitasio@msn.com.

On behalf of ISRC, I thank Joe for his valued contribution as the SDA for the past 9 years and wish him success in his new endeavor.

GoalKeeper Safety

Periodically we all need a reminder about the importance of GoalKeeper safety. Peter Stilling, Idaho’s State Director of Instruction, has penned an excellent article on this subject. You can download the article from https://3e1ke33suy4d1lh43a2knelf-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/GoalKeeperProtection.pdf .

Questions on this topic can be directed to Peter at sdi@idahosoccerrefs.org .

State Cup Technical Area

Please download the PowerPoint presentation on the State Cup Technical Area.


When you see Pete, congratulate him in being receiving the R4 Referee Lifetime Achievement Award. Kourtney Flaherty of Southern Idaho Soccer League explains:

This last weekend, SISL and ISSA board members headed to San Diego for the annual Region IV meetings. While there, Boise-based Pete Valle, received the Referee Life Time Achievement Award for Region IV for 2013.This honor was given after great consideration from a pool of several excellent candidates who were also nominated.

Pete has served as a Referee, Assessor and as an Idaho State Referee Assignor. He has shown a true commitment, dedication, and service to the game that we all love so much.

Congratulations Pete from the SISL League, you are a most deserving recipient of this award.

Referee Game Reports

As a referee, your job doesn’t end when you blow the final whistle. Leagues require you to fill out a game report within 48 hours of the match (ask your assignor if you don’t know how to do this). If you have any misconduct and show any yellow or red cards- then you must also fill out a USSF match report.

If you only showed yellow cards, you have to fill out the Game Report. If you had a send off, then you must fill out the Game Report and the Supplemental Report. Showing a red card also means you only have 24 hours to get your reports in so the disciplinary committees can do their job in a timely manner.  You can find these reports on the Forms page.

Failure to get your reports done on time will probably result in you not getting paid for the match. Your Assistant Referees will still get their money, but you will be left out- because you didn’t finish your job.

When you fill out any report, you should consult the Cautionable_and_Sending_Off_Offenses document. Make sure your reason is listed. There are only 7 reasons you can show a caution and 7 reasons you can send some one off. Make sure you get it right.


The Idaho Soccer Referee Committee would like to welcome you to our website. Please take some time to click around the site. Your committee members will be posting information, updates, news items in this space so its important to check back often.

We are excited to improve our levels of communication and ask you to do the same. If you have any concerns about your soccer referee program, do not hesitate to contact any of us. If you have a non-specific comment, send it to the State Referee Administrator- Robbie Burnett.

You are an important part of our program. Please remember that we are here to serve you as you serve the Beautiful Game.