Upcoming Referee Opportunities

There are three opportunities for referees to learn and grow coming up in June.

The Idaho Youth Soccer Referee Development Program will be hosting a referee academy June 3rd to the 5th. Six to eight referees will be selected from around the state to participate in a 3 day event focusing on practical refereeing. The referees selected will officiate Olympic Development Program games between Idaho and Oregon. There will be a classroom session, all games will be filmed, and each crew will have a mentor to help the referees learn from each game. Apply below. For more information, contact Alex Jones, ajones@idahoyouthsoccer.org


Additionally, there are 2 US Youth Regional events still open for application. For more information, visit: US Youth Region IV Events




2016 IYSA RDP Referee Academy

Application for the 2016 Referee Academy
  • USSF Referee Grade
  • List soccer leagues and tournaments you are currently or have officiated
  • The highest level you are currently centering
  • The highest level you are currently assistant refereeing
  • What else do you need the SYRA to know about you?

2016 Recertification

Recertification 2016

Recertification 2016 is now open! All referee registrations will continue through Arbitersports.com this year.

One note I want to stress ** All Lawbooks and Badges will be mailed to you directly by US Soccer. This means you will not get a book and badge until you register on Arbiter and pass the test. I will upload registrations every two weeks through this process. It can take weeks for US Soccer to process the request. Please register early to ensure you get your book and badge before games begin.**

Step 1
You must know your grade. This year, if you need to know your current grade, you can look in Arbiter. Just log in to Arbitersports.com. On the top of the page, you will find “Profile” on the far right. Click “Profile” and look to the left. Click on “Custom Fields” and scroll down until you come to a blue bar that says “ISRC – Idaho.” Under that heading you will find the Grade I had listed for you in 2015. If you have a question about your grade, you can email me at sra@idahosoccerrefs.org.

Step 2
If you are already a referee in Arbitersports.com, just log on like you normally would. When you sign in, select Group ID 105684 ISRC – Idaho Central Hub. It is important that you select the Central Hub otherwise you won’t find registration.

Once at the Central Hub, select the Registration Process that matches your grade. Most of you will select the Grade 8 Registration. It is important that you pick the right registration because each of the grades have different annual fees associated with them. You don’t want to pay too much to register.

Step 3
Complete the registration process. You will update your contact information, agree to the normal administrative things, and pay your money. When you come to the background check section, please know that the Idaho Soccer Referee Committe performs the background checks on adults only. The registration will ask you to consent to the background check OR state you are under 18 years of age. The Idaho Soccer Referee Committee will not background check anyone under the age of 18.

Step 4
Time to take your test. At the Central Hub, click Testing. You should have a test available according to your grade. You can take the test three times. Please take your time and read the questions carefully. Once you pass, you can print a copy of the certificate for your records to prove you passed the test.

Step 5
Wait for your Lawbook and Badge in the mail. Make sure you correctly update your address in Arbiter, as this will be the address US Soccer mails to. This year, US Soccer will mail you the normal envelope you get every year. This year, there will be a book and badge in that envelope. There will not be a badge pick up. It all happens in the mail.

Obviously it takes US Soccer some time to fill these orders. The system isn’t automatic either. I will upload all registrations to US Soccer every two weeks beginning DecemberĀ 1, 2015. The longer you wait to register, the longer it will take to get your book and badge.

If you have questions, please contact me, Alex JonesĀ at sra@idahosoccerrefs.org.

US Youth Region IV Events 2016

Each year, Region IV US Youth Soccer holds three regional championship events. These events feature the top teams from all of the 14 member states battling for regional championships and spots in US Youth National Championship events.

The top referees from each of the 14 member states are selected to officiate these events. Idaho is looking to send our top referees to these events.

The referees selected will receive training and evaluation from the top instructors and mentors in Region IV. In addition to top level training, this year the referees will receive a stipend for their time.

Fill out the form below to apply to referee these events. For additional information, contact Alex Jones – ajones@idahoyouthsoccer.org

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ISRC Board Changes


Due to personal concerns, both Robbie Burnett, State Referee Administrator (SRA) and Dave Palmer, State Director of Instruction (SDI) are vacating their positions on the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee (ISRC). Alex Jones, State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA), will fill the position as SRA/SYRA. Peter Stilling will fill the position as the SDI. Any further matters concerning USSF recertification/referees should be directed to Alex. Any further matters concerning USSF instruction should be directed to Peter.

On behalf of Idaho referees many thanks are in order to Robbie and Dave for their valued contribution to the ISRC. We wish them both continued success in the future. And in the same vein, our gratitude goes out to Alex and Peter for stepping in to assist the ISRC with these essential USSF functions.

Pete Valle
ISRC Chairman

GoalKeeper Safety

Periodically we all need a reminder about the importance of GoalKeeper safety. Peter Stilling, Idaho’s State Director of Instruction, has penned an excellent article on this subject. You can download the article from https://idahosoccerrefs.org/wp-content/uploads/GoalKeeperProtection.pdf .

Questions on this topic can be directed to Peter at sdi@idahosoccerrefs.org .

State Cup Technical Area

Please download the PowerPoint presentation on the State Cup Technical Area.


Entry Level Clinics become more focused

Your Instructors are focused on providing better entry-level training for new and upgrading referees. This required training is focused to prepare new refs for the actual games that they will do. On January 18, instructors from all over Idaho met to discuss and learn about new entry level clinics for grades 8 and 9. In working to instruct to the type of game new refs will work, the time requirements for each entry level clinic are shortened. Instead of 16 hours for a grade 8 clinic, new referees will participate in an intense 10 hour clinic that could be done in a single day. As seasoned referees decide to work a different level game, they will be able to take another entry level clinic of a different focus, to get training to work a different type of game (i.e. small sided youth, competitive youth, amateur adult).

The workshop was headed by Dave Palmer, the State Director of Instruction. This enhancement to the entry level program is a big deal and is part of what the ISRC is doing to move the Idaho Referee Program forward. Much appreciation to Dave for adapting the program to give new refs what they need to be most successful.

When you see Pete, congratulate him in being receiving the R4 Referee Lifetime Achievement Award. Kourtney Flaherty of Southern Idaho Soccer League explains:

This last weekend, SISL and ISSA board members headed to San Diego for the annual Region IV meetings. While there, Boise-based Pete Valle, received the Referee Life Time Achievement Award for Region IV for 2013.This honor was given after great consideration from a pool of several excellent candidates who were also nominated.

Pete has served as a Referee, Assessor and as an Idaho State Referee Assignor. He has shown a true commitment, dedication, and service to the game that we all love so much.

Congratulations Pete from the SISL League, you are a most deserving recipient of this award.

Recertification 2014 is underway

If you are an Idaho referee you will soon hear about Recertification for 2014. The instructions have been posted to the Recertification Page. All recertification for referees will be done on Arbitersports.com. If you have questions, please contact me at sra@idahosoccerrefs.org.

Lexi Farmer was selected to represent Region IV at the National President’s Cup Tournament. National President’s Cup was held in Florida July 10 through July 14.

Lexi was selected after her performances in the Region IV President’s Cup that was held in Boise, Idaho.

Join me in congratulating Lexi on her selection the next time you see her.