The Idaho Soccer Referee Committee is charged with supporting the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) Referee Program at the local level. The Idaho SRC is responsible with supporting soccer referees at all levels of the game. Working with the U.S. Soccer Federation, we accomplish several tasks:

  • Recruit and train entry-level referees interesting in refereeing small sided youth, competitive youth, and amateur adult soccer
  • Supply targeted training to improve refereeing in Idaho at all levels
  • Coordinate annual recertification of referees, assignors, assessors, and instructors
  • Evaluate referees to improve performance and satisfaction of all stakeholders, including the referee
  • Find engaging instructors, assessors, and assignors to help move the referee program forward
  • Establish best practices for instructors, assessors, and assignors and ensure these practices are being employed
  • Communicate as a single Idaho Referee Voice with the greater soccer community in Idaho and the rest of the United States

All of these things are aimed at making a Referee Program that works for you, the referee, to be the very best you want to be.

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