The following referee clinics are currently scheduled throughout Idaho. The clinics are divided geographically by IYSA district.

* Please note that IYSA districts are not the same as high school districts.

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District 1 - Northern Idaho

No clinics currently scheduled in District 1.

District 2 - Eastern Idaho

Entry Level Referee (Grade 8)

LDS Church
87 E Center Street

Date: April 8, 2017 (8:00 AM - 6:00 PM)


First, Grade 08 is an entry level referee. You do not need to be in the 8th grade to attend. There has been confusion about this in the past.

There will be six steps that must be completed to become a US Soccer Federation Referee in Idaho.

  1. Register for an Arbiter account.
  2. Pay the 2017 ISRC Clinic fee ($30).
  3. Pay the US Soccer Registration fee ($40).
  4. Sign up for an in-person clinic.
  5. Complete the online modules at US Soccer. These must be completed prior to the in-person clinic. Directions on how to prove completion are below.
  6. Successfully complete the in-person clinic.

Steps 1-4 will be completed by going to the following link: Once there select "New Referee 2017" from the menu; Read first Page entitled "Entry Clinic Welcome", then select Next; Complete the remaining steps including "Personal Information", "Background Check", "Additional Information", and "Payment"; If not automatically directed to do so, go to the "Eligibility" tab. There, under "Open", you will now see "1 of 2 Requirements Completed" for "New Referee 2017". When selecting that option, you will then see a link for "Register for In-Person Event". Select that and register for the date which you intend to attend.

Step 5 is to be completed at the following link: There are 18 modules that must be completed. There is a quiz associated with each module, you need to take and pass all the quizzes and provide some way to prove / show me you have passed them. You can print the certificates out or show me on your smartphone, tablet, etc. Each one of the modules will want a Clinic Number. For this clinic use VIC.4.8.2017 as the clinic number. If it asks for a USSF ID number, just leave it blank.

Regarding Step 6: Please bring a notebook and black pen to take notes, but more importantly so that you can take the test at the end of the clinic. YOU MUST REGISTER THROUGH ARBITER to let me know you want to sign up for the class. Please also email me to inform me that you will be attending. Please dress comfortably in clothes that you are willing to run around in. However, also dress modestly. No shorty shorts, tank tops, or other sloppy apparel. You are welcome and encouraged to bring food and drink. We will break for lunch.

Contact: Georg Behrens

District 3 - Western Idaho

Grade 7 Upgrade

IYSA Office
8030 W. Emerald Street Suite 175

Date: March 25, 2017 (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

Details: This is a Grade 07 Upgrade Clinic. If you are interested in entering a Grade 07 entry level referee, please contact the instructor and SDI, Riley Jones (, for pre-approval. The cost for the course is $25 for upgrading officials. If you are a new referee in 2017 and are refereeing in SISL, the league will cover the cost of your course. Please just in form me on the day of the clinic that this is your situation. Please bring either cash or a check made out to ISRC for the payment. Prior to attending the class, please complete the USSF video modules located at the link below. We will review the majority of these topics in the class, but this will ensure a base level understanding of the situations and laws to assist in discussion and retention of the training. If you have or form any questions while watching the videos, please either email me or write it down and bring it to the clinic. Unlike the entry level grade 8 course, there is a lot more interaction in this course as we area ll referees. Yes there will be some instruction, but you are much more involved in the class than a new referee. Video Link - Please reach out to instructor for any questions and to inquire about registration.

Contact: Jason Hutchinson

District 4 - Southern Idaho

No clinics currently scheduled in District 4.