District Referee Administrator (DRA) Job Description

The DRA position is a volunteer position with the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee (ISRC). There are four districts in the state of Idaho. The ISRC will pay the annual USSF recertification fees for the District Referee Administrator (DRA).


DRA’s will be the district level leader of the Idaho Referee Family.


Application for DRA will be a letter of interest to the State Referee Administrator (SRA). Please include why you want the position and any specific experience, skills, or interests that make you a particularly good candidate.


The Executive Committee of the ISRC will select DRA’s, with input from the Presidents of the Idaho Adult and Youth Associations. DRA candidates should submit an application to the SRA (ajones@idahoyouthsoccer.org) for consideration.

Report:   DRA’s will report directly to the State Referee Administrator. They will also receive direction and support from the State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA), State Director of Assessment (SDA), State Director of Instruction (SDI), and State Assigning Coordinator (SAC).



  • Attend monthly ISRC meetings, either in person or electronically and provide reports about the state of their district. DRA’s provide information vital to the success of the ISRC mission of improving refereeing at all levels of soccer in Idaho. DRA’s are nonvoting members of the ISRC.
  • Supply accurate information to the referees in their district. As such, DRA’s will be required to answer district level emails and phone calls. Will require knowledge of current ISRC and USSF policies to accurately answer these questions.
  • Act as an administrator on Arbitersports.com to assist referees with the USSF registration process.
  • Spot check assignors ensuring only USSF registered referees are assigned matches.


  • Organize District Level “Tier 2” Referee meetings and instruction. During the months of February – May and August – October, at least one “Tier 2” event must be held monthly in each area of need as identified by the DRA. See the Idaho Referee Training Program for more details.
  • Supply roster of attendees to the “Tier 2” events to the SDI within two weeks of event.
  • Schedule entrylevel clinics to suit needs of local areas. This entails scheduling a site, instructor, and helping new recruits sign up for the clinic.
  • Hold and distribute Law books and badges to instructors as needed for entrylevel clinics.
  • Construct at least one “Tier 1” and one “Tier 2” instruction topic to supply the SDI for statewide distribution for these events.


  • Assist referees in their district in requesting and scheduling assessments/evaluations with the SDA.