Host an Entry Level Referee Course

If you are an organization such as a league, club, local referee association or tournament seeking to sponsor an Entry Level Referee Course please review the information on this page and then fill out the request form on the Referee Course Request Form page.

Once an instructor and location are confirmed, the ISRC will list the course on the Clinics page.

Sponsors will need to have the following information ready to complete the request form:

  1. Host Organization
  2. Maximum Course Size (minimum class size is 5)
  3. Contact Information (primary contact person for the host organization)
  4. Location Information including address
  5. Requested Dates and Times
  6. Additional information for the ISRC to consider

Requests are forwarded to the State Director of Instruction (SDI) to review. All courses are subject to instructor availability.

  • To sponsor an Entry Level Course, the sponsor must be able to provide a facility and/or field to hold the Course
  • Sponsors assume all responsibility for the cost of the facility.
  • Entry Level Referee Courses last 8 hours.


  • Grade 8 Entry Level Referee Course: (Online Sessions, Classroom Sessions and Field Session)

    This is an 8-hour Entry Level Course to become a Grade 8 referee. Students will be required to complete the Online Video Modules on their own time prior to attending the first scheduled Classroom and Field Session. Some classroom sessions will run over one day or weekend and others over several days. Be prepared to dress and be physically active to participate during the Field Session. Students will also need to obtain a whistle for the field session. At the end of the course, there will be a review, a 50 question (multiple choice) exam and then a registration with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) by completing the necessary form. Attendees must pass with a score of 80% or higher on the exam. All attendees MUST attend the full hours of each session. Missing any part of the class is not permitted and will require the attendee to repeat the course in its entirety. The Grade 8 courses are offered throughout the year but mostly prior to spring and fall seasons. Your USSF registration is good for the year/season it is received and until the end of that year. Courses completed after July 1st will receive a badge for the following year/Season and also be registered for the following season. However, they will also be allowed to referee during the remained of  the current year. Referees are required to reregister and renew their license annually.

  • Futsal/Indoor Referee Course:

    Futsal is played on a hard surface court with a weighted ball. This is the international indoor soccer game and is gaining popularity throughout the United States and California-North.

The following courses are periodically hosted by the ISRC on a limited basis.

  • Instructor Certification Course:
  • Assessor Certification Course: