Best wishes at Idaho Youth State Cup

To all referees working the Idaho Youth State Cup this weekend: Best wishes. Trust your training and experience. Remember safety, fairness, and fun. If you base your decisions on that, you all will do as great as I know you will. Hope to see you all soon.

Wait and See, Wait and See

Being patient when you can often pays off big time. Click on the following link, Wait and See, to view a classic example of not waiting in a recent MLS match. Really ask yourself if you would have kept the flag down. Or, if you were the referee, would you have done the same? Let’s learn from others so we don’t replicate their mistakes.

Best wishes to all working games this week. Remember to keep it Safe, Fair, and Fun for players and for you as well.

Two Idaho Refs Head to Lamar Hunt Open Cup

Please join me in congratulating the selection of Alex Jones (Pocatello) and Tyler Sturm (Boise) to the Region IV portion of the Lamar Hunt Open Cup. The Open Cup is the tournament that crowns a club national champion. Alex and Tyler have been accepted to referee the first leg of the tournament in Ontario, California. They will be officiating games between top level amateur teams vying to move on in the tournament. All of the games will be assessed by National Assessors and will provide top level feedback for Alex and Tyler.

Referee Game Reports

As a referee, your job doesn’t end when you blow the final whistle. Leagues require you to fill out a game report within 48 hours of the match (ask your assignor if you don’t know how to do this). If you have any misconduct and show any yellow or red cards- then you must also fill out a USSF match report.

If you only showed yellow cards, you have to fill out the Game Report. If you had a send off, then you must fill out the Game Report and the Supplemental Report. Showing a red card also means you only have 24 hours to get your reports in so the disciplinary committees can do their job in a timely manner.  You can find these reports on the Forms page.

Failure to get your reports done on time will probably result in you not getting paid for the match. Your Assistant Referees will still get their money, but you will be left out- because you didn’t finish your job.

When you fill out any report, you should consult the Cautionable_and_Sending_Off_Offenses document. Make sure your reason is listed. There are only 7 reasons you can show a caution and 7 reasons you can send some one off. Make sure you get it right.

Let the games begin

The 2013 season is now underway. Hopefully you had a fulfilling off-season. The Idaho Soccer Referee Committee wishes you the best as you serve the Beautiful Game and those who love to play it. The ISRC is dedicated to helping you become the best referee you can be. Through mentoring programs, official assessments, state-wide instructional materials, and regional events that you will participate in we will all improve together. Refereeing is a rewarding endeavor. Thank you for your involvement and all that you do.

Idaho Assessor Workshop

The vast majority of Idaho Assessors came together to discuss the Idaho Assessment Program. During the weekend of February 22 and 23, assessors watched a live match and discussed their take on the referee’s performances. Everyone gained insights from each other on how to best serve the referees who serve the game. Additionally, assessors were walked through completing and scoring assessments online. This weekend of training was a great way to start 2013 and all referees in the Idaho Family will be getting a more consistent message from your assessors.

Joe Sanchez, the State Director of Assessment, did a great job putting the event together. His leadership and organizational skills are a great asset to our organization. We look forward to the results this program will provide in the near future.

If you are looking to get an official assessment in 2013, please head to the forms page and find the appropriate form to send to Mr. Sanchez.

SDA hosts Assessor Workshop

Joe Sanchez, State Director of Assessments has announced an Assessor Workshop. The Workshop will happen in Boise, Idaho on February 22, 2013 and February 23, 2013. All of your assessors in Idaho will gather to discuss updated criteria, practice live assessments, and learn to input all assessments online. The online assessment module is a great tool for assessors because it allows them to get PDF versions of the assessment to the referees using email. It also saves the assessment in a national database so there are no questions about the result.

The clinic is for current assessors only but will serve the entire Idaho Referee Family. If you are an assessor and haven’t RSVPd to Joe, please contact him at

WC 2010 Final with referee perspective

US Youth Region IV ODP Championships

The Region IV USYS ODP Championships were held in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 11-13. Idaho Referees were well represented by two of our best Development Track Referees. Jason Hutchinson (Boise, Idaho) and Alex Jones (Pocatello, Idaho) worked the event taking the whistle in several matches.

Please congratulate Jason and Alex when you see them next on their efforts at this important development event for our community.


The Idaho Soccer Referee Committee would like to welcome you to our website. Please take some time to click around the site. Your committee members will be posting information, updates, news items in this space so its important to check back often.

We are excited to improve our levels of communication and ask you to do the same. If you have any concerns about your soccer referee program, do not hesitate to contact any of us. If you have a non-specific comment, send it to the State Referee Administrator- Robbie Burnett.

You are an important part of our program. Please remember that we are here to serve you as you serve the Beautiful Game.