SRA Job Description

State Referee Administrator


Produce an efficient, quality soccer referee program that exceeds the expectations of the soccer community.


The SRA reports directly to the Chairman of the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee. The SRA position is filled with direct input from the President of the Idaho State Soccer Association



  • Coordinate all aspects of Idaho Referee Program
  • Perform annual evaluations of members of Idaho SRC with respect to annual goals and overall support/performance of Idaho SRC programs
  • Perform annual evaluations of District Referee Administrators and Assignors with respect to annual goals, overall support of Idaho Referee Program, and utilization of best practices


  • Manage new registration and recertification of all referees, assessors, instructors, and assignors
  • Ensure training events happen regularly and materials are targeted to proper referee track and grade


  • Act as primary liaison for Idaho Referees with the U.S. Soccer Referee Program especially with regards to Referee Identification and production of targeted education materials
  • Pass on pertinent information between the Idaho Referee Family and our soccer partners


  • Manage and catalog expense and revenue
  • Publish annual report detailing categories of finance
  • Utilize professional services to ensure Idaho SRC compliance with State and Federal Laws
  • Create annual budget